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Creative & Design Services

IdeaMagnetTM is a creative design studio specializing in print, video, web & 3D design.


IdeaMagnetTM is operated by me, Brent Nielson. I've been a design professional for over 20 years and have had the good fortune to work with wide range of clients. Regardless of the industry, I work to provide imaginative, innovative and timely solutions to my customers. Some clients that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years include:

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IdeaMagnetTM provides design services for:

  • Branding (logo, letterhead, style guide, etc.)
  • Brochures (bi-fold, tri-fold)
  • Photo Editing (retouching, compositing)
  • Video (commercial, editing, color correction, compositing, syncing audio)
  • 3D (modeling, animation, etc.)
  • Illustrations (hand drawing, digital, CG)
  • Posters (event, pull-up banners, booth & large format, etc.)
  • Motion Graphics (internal TV, LED signage, sporting events, etc.)
  • Web (fully responsive websites, web applications, MYSQL database, PHP, HTML5)


Poster: Half Marathon Finishline , for Cedar City Poster: Star Search, for Cedar City Poster: Lantern Festival, for Cedar City Poster: No Food or Drink, for Cedar City Poster: USU Hockey Team Calendar Poster: USU Intramurals
Logo: Half Marathan, for Cedar City Logo: Ullr Chase Ski Race, for Cache Valley Visitors Bureau Logo: Musica Reservata of Utah Logo: Norse Renegade Design Logo: Outcast Woodworking Logo: Herff-Jones Art Department Logo: Lantern Festival for Cedar City Logo: Swiss Alps Campsite Managing Co. Illustration: Neuschwanstein Castle (Colored Pencil) Illustration: WWII Airman (Pencil) Illustration: Cartoon Giraff (digital) Illustration: Cartoon Zebra (digital) Illustration: Ragged Banner (Pencil)
3D Model: Automation Component for ASI 3D Model: E-Stop Component for ASI 3D Model: RoofRack Component for ASI 3D Model: Vehicle Control Unit for ASI
Print: Outdoor Recreation Program brochure cover for USU Print: Booth backdrop for ASI Print: Automotive Kit Catalog for ASI Print: Campus Recreation brochure for USU (outer) Print: Campus Recreation brochure for USU (inner) Print: Automation Line Up for ASI Print: Brochure for GPS Denied Localization for ASI Print: Magazine Ad for Canadian Inst. of Mining (CIM), for ASI


A word from some of my happy customers.

Kevin Kobe

Director of Campus Recreation (USU)

“Brent Nielson has created posters, flyers, banners and advertisements for our department for many years. He has always been easy to work with, meets any deadlines we set and creates graphic design work that fits our needs perfectly. It's as though he instinctively knows what's in our minds and creates work directly from our thoughts and ideas.”

— Kevin Kobe, Director (former) of Campus Recreation--Utah State University, Oct 16, 2015.
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Aileen Stein

Corporate Communications Director at Kuvera Partners

“Brent is a pleasure to work with - he takes the time to understand our needs, does excellent work, handles revisions graciously, and meets deadlines. When we need animations, I don't worry anymore. I know Brent will come through with exactly what we need.

by Aileen Stein, Corporate Communications Director at Kuvera Partners, Oct. 20, 2015
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Chris Hudson

Aquatics Center Manager at City of Cedar City

“Brent is a wonderful graphic designer. His designs are always modern and/or fit the theme or look we are looking for. He has proven his ability to adapt and stay true to our branding while still providing a fresh look for each flyer, brochure, poster, or logo.

“I would highly recommend Brent in any endeavor he undertakes as I have experienced first hand his ability to excel and tackle any problem I have presented to him.”

by Chris Hudson, Aquatics Center Manager at City of Cedar City, July 6, 2016
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Brandon Taylor

US & Canada Marketing Manager at GeoMax Positioning

“Brent was my go-to guy for everything design related while I worked on the marketing team at ASI. He consistently provided high-quality, professional work, on time and on brand. Brent has a deep understanding of design, along with experience working across multiple mediums and a wide range of tools. I frequently relied on his expertise for projects that spanned from brochure design to video editing to website development - and he always delivered.

“As a team member, Brent was one of my favorite people to work with. His positive, happy attitude was contagious. It made collaborating on projects easy, productive and fun. He approached feedback with an open mind, a humble heart and a cooperative perspective. I would consider any organization very fortunate to have Brent on board.”

by Brandon Taylor, US & Canada Marketing Manager at GeoMax Positioning part of Hexagon, Feb 12, 2020
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